Christopher Jam

Completed demos..

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sorry about the 'orribe orange - left over from the previous site design and will be fixed 'soon'. This page is also missing my most recent release (Effluvium) which may currently be found here

Finely Sliced

Until this year, my only ever release..

ODay 1991

This was a recruitment device for the University Computer Club's stall on orientation day at UWA in 1991. There's no music, as it would have been drowned out by all the other ODay din anyway. Object was to grab the attention of incoming First Year students long enough for one of us to pounce on them and extract four dollars for an annual membership (a little under 2 UK pounds).

The text message actually scrolled across two screens, synched by a joyport to joyport connection; there's another part that I'll post another time.
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